Fall Again

Wind was flirting with those fallen leaves,
They think no one heard the gossip.
In hurry some leaves brushed the ground,
Some rustled.
I walk along the ground,
Some leaves follow, some crush under my feet.
And some set into a dance with the wind,
I walk along, smiling.

in-transit certainties

Winter has just departed, it isn’t spring either. The air nonetheless carries the discomfort of summer. It isn’t unpleasant though.

I am at the airport much before my filght departs.

I am thinking about the time spent with her, while writing those ‘important’ work emails. My mind was attending several thoughts. I cannot avoid observing those passengers or airport staff. The young couple juggled between shuffling luggage and soothing their infant. The mid-aged gentleman is engrossed into Economic Times. Those two children are happy playing merry go around. At a distance, the security person was all attentive with his suspicious gaze. Right ahead of me, an old couple are seemingly having light conversation. The lady seems observant of the surroundings.
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