I filled a jar

I filled a jar for you.

I filled some glacial water,
With pebbles and music of the flow.

I filled a crescent moon from the day before yugaadi,
And a star I caught in the night.

I filled it with some wheat,
And the wind

I filled some yellow flowers,
Some violet, some white.

I filled a little rock,
And the coarse soil.

I filled the songs of birds,
The sparrows, the myna, the swift.

I filled the sunshine from dawn,
And the dusk shadows of the hills.

I filled the prayer flags,
And some Buddha.

I filled a jar for you,
The jar, my heart.

For times,
when you are tired of the city churn on a long day of work,
when you seek silence from the machinic noises,
when you need you.

I filled a jar for you.