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Though I was not teaching in the nunnery I visited almost everyday to click pictures of the art classes. It was fascinating to see the young nuns and their dedication. They had such interest for art and aesthetics.

Nunnery, one of the schools and Library I worked during my stay in Temisgam

Story reading session


May be it was their lifestyle that made nuns very attentive at class and work

It was fascinating to see them ever happy and smiling

Giving tree made by the nuns

Good place to study isn’t it?

Younger nun


Teacher and students after an art workshop

All nuns showing the flowers they made during the workshop

Yeah the dog followed them almost everywhere, even into classrooms

Watching themselves in a film earlier made by another volunteer

Dolma, shy after seeing herself

Government middle school

This was my school, I was technically here for a week, but with many holidays I got only three days to work with them. With many private schools around very few kids opted for government school and it comprised mostly migrant Nepali kids

Ms Bubbly, not even for a second I had seen her not smile



Odzer, I loved the way he called me ‘Sir-le’



Swinging happily, Govt Middle school

The school where I worked with


Part of the Lamdon schools Lotsava is private school with classes up to eighth. I had opportunity to work here for a day

Class at Lotsava Lamdon school

Maths workshop

Listening or lost, sometimes it was hard to tell

Morning partners for bus

Khalste Lamdon

Lamdon school is Khalste was located about ten kilometers away. This is a new school and had kids only till second standard as of now. I visited this school to conduct a maths workshop. I learnt from the principal that kids traveled as much as fifty kilometers to attend classed here

Maths workshop at Khalste school




I felt home there. It was traditional Ladakhi home. The food was great everyday and fed really well. The hosts were so sweet I almost felt part of their family when I left

Ani-le at the guest house. This was the source for the yummy curds, milk and tea

Seeds being removed from apricots to dry them for winter. The seeds are used to made oil or used a dry fruit

Traditional Ladakhi kitchen

With abba-le, head of the house

After staying for eight days I was now familiar with lives for Ladakhis in a village. In the limited time I had tried to teach few things, and had learnt many more thing. Though life appeared simple here, people worked hard at fields and homes to prepare for the harsh winters. Telephone and television were limited, thus people were less known to the city ways, but with many foreign travelers stopping by they did know a little about other cultures.

I had stayed without touch with the rest of world, this place was my world. I was much happier, if only we could learn to cherish life without the modern inventions happiness is all around.

Coming in the following part, experience of being blessed by his holiness and the independence day with a different touch.

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