Yes, it was an eventful week in Temisgam . First the visit of his holiness and then independence day.

It’s been over ten years that I have been participated in Independence day, it was another holiday or part of a long weekend. So this year I got to be a part of Independence day celebration. Seeing the kids prepare for it reminded me of my school days. It was one of the big days and we all looked forward to it. Everyone here was preparing either to march or sing or dance. The teachers were equally enthusiastic and encouraged completely.

Finally on the day the celebration took place at Govt high school where children from five other schools had arrived, also almost every villager was present at the venue. Unlike rest of India the Independence day celebrations began much later. According to one of the principal they would watch the celebrations in New Delhi on TV and then come over for their own function. Funnily there is no electricity in the mornings, nor was it provided on this day for the special reason.

 Cute cuddly faces

Being young they got to sit with flags and smile for cameras.

It almost looked like funny faces contest

And many portraits


Irresistibly cute


My govt school kids, being few could not participate in marching


Every school had a marching contingent well dressed and well rehearsed to be the best among all.

Final touches

Helping hands

All set to march, the children of Temisgam

Passing by saluting dias

Songs and Dances

Again every school had its own singing and dancing teams. Everyone wore traditional dresses and danced to Ladakhi songs.

Dance followed

The children had gathered costumes from their homes to put up the show

Of course the flag was added at the end of all dances

The Shy girl from Kargil

This was funny, they had shaved his head for the role of Gandhi

Eager audience

More cuteness


Traditional show

Much like HHTDL visit there were women dressed up in the traditional dress to give the authentic Ladakhi dance

The ladies in traditional attire

And the traditional dance

Truly great piece of work with attire

I did not get to ask more about these dress, in my next visit I am gonna gather some info for sure

Few more

Notice the footwear

Music to accompany the dance

The ignorant and happy

The nursery kids and preschoolers were ignorant of what was going on around then and happily walked and danced all around the venue.

The nursery kids did not care much about the elders standing in attention positions

The preschoolers trying some steps out

He was himself young yet carrying a younger kid

I can dance

It was common to see elders with prayer beads or prayer flags in hand praying all time


‘How to pose guide’

Happy Independence

It was like revisiting our school days on this day, yet many things were different from usual Independence day. The usual hindi national songs were missing, it was all local ladakhi songs. I somehow felt there was a disconnect among people here with the Independence day, there was seldom any trace of British rule or its establishments or the struggle against British. Of course the local corporator was much like any other leader [with intentions for votes ], though he was speaking in Ladakhi the bits of english words he used suggested he was either promising many things or was listing the many things he had done for the village.

In all it was an eventful day well spent.

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PS:Coming up in the next series, tales from the east and city of Leh.