Many years ago I had seen him talk on a TV show Surabhi, that would probably be my first memories about his holiness the 14th Dalai lama. I had read his words or about him very often in print or television. More recently I even followed him on twitter. Learnt much more from him and his words always inspired me. Little had I known that I would some day see him live and listen to him very closely.

Yes, that wonderful day had arrived where I would see HHTDL and gain some wisdom. A day after my arrival in Temisgam HHTDL was scheduled to arrive at Khalste to inaugurate a school building. I was excited since it was once in a lifetime opportunity for me. What excited me more were the people, their respect for HHTDL and the enthusiasm to witness him. He is referred to as god and this day was no less than a festival celebration, probably even more.

There was a lot of talk previous evening about Lamaji’s [fond reference to HHTDL by locals] visit. The next morning every one was up and ready by dawn and moved towards Khalste. Some on private vehicles, some on bus, some over the bus, some hitchhiking and some by walk.

Khalste Lamdon school

He was to inaugurate a new building in Khalste Lamdon school. The school was decorated colorfully with prayer flags and more. New stage and ground were made to host him and also to accommodate over five thousand visitors who would arrive to witness HHTDL. Not to forget, they had even arranged tea,butter tea, apricots and a yummy lunch for everyone who had come.

Khalste Lamdon school decorated to welcome his holiness

Prayer flags a lot of them

People came from distant villages, some on buses, some over, some walking and some hitchhiking

The eager children

The school children eagerly awaited for his arrival with flowers. They were little distracted when the wait was little longer.

Waiting to welcome with flowers and prayers

When will he come?

One cute bunch



They did not mind standing for hours to welcome his holiness

Let’s play till he arrives

The monks and nuns

HHTDL was the highest teacher for them and thus it was a big day for everyone. They had come from many monasteries across the region.

Young monks

Nuns from Temisgam



Everyone arrived much earlier to secure a good place


The villagers and tourist

Everyone, yes everyone had come from their villages to see him. Everything was closed and locked for the day in the near by area. Many tourists in the region did not miss the opportunity either.


thinker, doer, leader. Abhigya, founder, Avalokitesvara trust


The cultural show

People were dressed traditionally as a mark of respect to Lamaji, the thick clothing did not bother in the hot midday sun. They even put up a show of song and dance after HHTDL had departed. Women in their wedding attire looked beautiful, the intricate details and traditional design deserved all the awe.

Surna and daman, traditional instruments used in most of the events

It is used for prayers and dances

And they were happy to dance once his holiness had left

They wore traditional dresses to display respect to Lamaji [fondly reference of locals to his holiness]

It is a slow dance usually accompanied by the instruments or songs

Cheerful. The heavy accessories or the thick dress did not seem to bother them even with a hot mid day sun

As I understand these are hand made and wonderfully designed

That’s how detailed it looks

 The moment 

After much waiting the moment had arrived, we were now sitting in front of a great yet humble leader.

Finally the moment had arrived


His holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Feeling blessed to see him so close and gain some wisdom

He spoke less but every word made so much sense, it was a wonderful day and one of the greatest part of my trip

Among many things he said ‘Lot of problems are man made. Because we forget the fundamental that we are human beings and we look for secondary things’

Quoting examples of blind faith he said, ‘Have faith, but have faith with a reason. This reason comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from education’.

In all he insisted on good education for everyone, which would help them grow inwards and not just materialistically.

This was one of the best part of my travel and memorable day of my life.

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