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Pangong tso

In the past ten days having seen the mighty Himalayas I felt there can no other natural body which can match the magnitude of the hills. However  on this day there was a revelation awaiting for me. Tso means lake in Ladakhi and we were to witness one of the biggest lake in India at the dawn of day two in Durbuk. We were at Pangong tso. Pangong tso stretches over a hundred kilometer and truly compliments the Himalays in magnitude.

Pangong tso looks best with good sunlight, unfortunately it was cloudy when had arrived. We cherished the chill, the occasional sunlight peeking out of clouds, the snowfall on high hills. As we were hopped on to leave clouds slowly cleared away to give us some glorious view. Turquoise water and blue sky were a treat for eyes.

East, this was very close to Chinese territory

Overcast day at Pangong lake

Pangong revels its true colors in bright sunlight

Act of nature, while it rained in one part of lake, sun shined on other part reveling more colors

Pangong lake is huge and marvelous, but swamped by tourists

Film crew setting up camera platform on water

Real or fake cop? Not sure, but the picture must have come good

Contrast in land and liqiud

Road less traveled

Turquoise !

Govt Middle schools, Tharuk

It was the biggest of the three libraries we set up in Durbuk block. With excellent team work we had accomplished the task smoothly and even managed to conduct the biggest maths workshop till date. Click here to see how we did it.

Tharuk school


Shachukul Gompa School

The schools is situated at relatively higher altitude than Tangste or Tharuk, it rests amidst taller hills. It was colder and windier, and this was the most fun experience we were to take home. Shachukul Gonpa School was our third library in Durbuk block and we were setting up a library for young monks. The naughty yet smart monks had disguise of extremely cute smiles, which left us with no option but to adore them and have lot of fun teaching playing with them.

Gompa at Shachukul Monastery

Multi layered

Prayer lines, drying lines

Golden rays setting over the majestic

Library room at sachukul gompa school as we started setting up library

🙂 one of the cutest

Lined up for class


After working together for many days the team had great synergy by now. We were at work quickly and each one knew what was to be done. Because of this reason we had set up library in Shachukul Gonpa School in what can be called record time, of course the teachers and monks were immensely helpful.

Match workshop in progress

Multipurpose number line

Counting, addition, multiplication tables, factors where taught using this number line

Happiness everywhere, Shachukul was such a place

Stretching time

May be he found it boring, yawn!

😛 making faces

Maths workshop and story reading and art workshop followed as a usual ritual. We also had enough time to play football and toss Frisbee.

Story reading

Wearing numbers

Not sure if I inspired him, but camera was one of the shapes he made out of the blocks

Library after completion

All pupil for a group photo

It was time for games and funny faces

Learning to fly, held high


‘One photo’, that’s what they asked me to click

Happy singer, performer, Chuspen


Before we bid adieu we were presented khataks and acknowledged by principal for the library, it not just re-energised us, it made us feel ‘we can/should do more [much more] work’. With a hope and promise to return we made our way through the hills back to base, Leh.

In the following series[last one] I shall share some of the moments from the heart of Ladakh, Leh. Hope you like it so far.Leave a note here .

Jhu-le 🙂