Presenting the work done by Avalokitesvara Trust in Ladakh. Started by Abhigy Shukla, they are doing amazing work of setting up libraries in remote schools across Ladakh. I was part of the team for few days and it was a lovely experience. The presentations below speaks well about the work we did. More info available on the facebook page.

Making of a library
Documents the entire process of transforming an empty room into a full fledged library. This was shot in Govt middle school Tharuk in Durbuk block, Ladakh while setting up the twelfth library[I was part of only three out of thirteen libraries done by Avalokitesvara turt until I was there, the count is 22 as of Oct 1st ’12].

Story of a river

This was one of the art workshops conducted by fellow volunteer Nuala. The Nuns were provided with a white folded strip and told to draw and write the story of a river as they understood. At the end of the workshop they had put all their imagination colorfully onto the the paper. The folded strips forms a small booklet and have been placed in their library.

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