Nomadic Moments

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You hope!

It is a shimmer in the darkness, It guides you to walk, It becomes a reason to live. The light fades away, not once, or twice, but many times. Yet you cling on every time it shines. You hope.  

Deny you – deny you

Denial! You deny. Or, are you denied? Do you deny to be happy? Or, do you choose not to be happy? Happiness! What is happiness? Happiness of who? You? Or, not you?  


Deliblurate Ideas, many hover my mind. Sometimes none. Often when in need too many crowd each other, the sharp idea diminishes.  Only a blur remains. In this photo essay I am exploring the idea of blur in my daily routine. Deliberately deviating ...

What lies beneath?

Plastic wrappers, torn clothes, broken slippers, old sack, I see them often in my trash bin. I felt responsible when the waste in my house reaches the trash, very little I bothered to think where does all of it reach ...


You are a little of everyone you live with You are a little of everyone you like You are a little of everyone you dislike You, are not you. You are some of everything you possess You are some of everything you desire You are some ...

Excuse, you!

Excuse makes you happy You fall in love with it Someday you can fall because of it Stay ahead of excuse, never behind it. Now, excuse me~


You are there yet not there, you completely incomplete~ #Diwalitimes #tissdiaries  

Expectation and you~

You expect, you are expected. There is a sorrow, there is a joy. Where is the line? Who has the line? #you

Time and you~

The clamps of time are tight and suffocating! Let go of it and look into yourself, you are full of wonders! You are a genius! #you